Leasing period

At GoMore, we offer private leases of 12-36 months or short-term leases of 1-4 months. 

When you sign a 12-36 month lease, you have the option to keep the car for 36 months. After the first 11 months, you can choose to terminate the agreement with one month's notice. There is no cost to terminate before the 36 months and you can terminate your agreement by sending us an email at leasing@gomore.dk.

When the lease period expires, you will receive return information by email and you will have the option to switch to a new car.

If you have become very fond of the car and would like to extend the lease, please contact GoMore Leasing at leasing@gomore.dk about extending your lease. As a rule, it is not possible to buy the car after the end of the lease period.

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