Winter tires for the leasing car

All leased cars are delivered on summer tires and winter tires can be purchased on order. Winter tires are an optional extra, as winter tires are not a legal requirement in Denmark. We recommend that you add on the winter tires, as winter tires have better grip when the weather changes and temperatures drop.

When you choose winter tires through GoMore, all tire changes are included in the price and you will have your summer and winter tires stored for the period they are not used. You'll have winter tires fitted to your car's existing rims and the car will be returned on summer tires. The winter tires are fitted at your home or workplace, so you don't have to spend time driving to a garage to have them changed. We come to you when and where it suits you.

How much do winter tyres cost through GoMore?

The purchase of winter tires through GoMore is a subscription solution you choose at the start of the lease and pay monthly for the full lease term.

The price of the winter tire purchase is shown on the offer under "Options" or under "Go to options and booking". The winter tires are not paid together with the leasing service, but directly to our tire partner Rubberduck, who will contact you after the order. 

Can I buy and fit winter tires myself?

You are welcome to buy and fit approved winter tires on your leased vehicle yourself, if you prefer. The car must be returned on summer tires at the end of the lease period. 

Already have a leased car and want a quote for winter tires?

If you didn't get winter tires when you ordered and would like a quote during your lease period, write to us at and we'll help you out :-)

What should I remember when returning the car?

When you cancel your lease or your lease automatically expires, remember to cancel your winter tyre subscription directly to Rubberduck. The car must be returned on summer tires.
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