Mobility guarantee

If your leased car breaks down, most car brands provide free assistance, also called a "mobility guarantee". 
The coverage included in the free assistance varies from car brand to car brand, so we recommend checking the free assistance terms of the car brand in question. This is a service you can use 24 hours a day if you experience a breakdown or an event that makes normal use or driving impossible. Please note that external faults and impacts are typically not included in the cover and most often the assistance only covers the first 12-24 months of the car's life. Terms and conditions can be found in your Warranty and Inspection booklet in the glove compartment or online at the car brand's website. 
If the free assistance does not meet your needs, you can purchase additional roadside assistance when you order your leased car. Roadside assistance also covers external faults and impacts and covers for the full lease term. Please note that the mobility guarantee does not usually cover second-hand leased cars, as they will usually be written over for the period covered by the guarantee (12-24 months). 

Special for GoMore Keyless rentals: remember to unlock the car via the app to ensure immobiliser is disabled before roadside assistance is called.

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