Returning the leasing car

Before your lease expires, you will be contacted with details of where and when to return your leased car. 

Keyless: If you have Keyless installed in your lease car, it is your responsibility to cancel the subscription of the Keyless device before returning your lease car. Cancel your Keyless agreement by writing to and we will help you book an uninstallation appointment before you return your lease car.
Lease for 12-36 months:
When you lease a car for 12-36 months through GoMore, you must always return the car to an FDM or Applus+ station near you. The stations specialise in professional and impartial inspection of leased cars according to set return requirements. This means that your car will be checked by a third party who is not involved in your lease agreement. 
If the car is leased in cooperation with GoMore and LeasePlan, the car must be returned to an Applus+ inspection station. LeasePlan will contact you before the return with a link to book an appointment and further information.  
If the car is leased in cooperation with GoMore and ALD, it must be returned to an FDM service station. Similarly, ALD will contact you before delivery with a link to book an appointment and further information. 
You can return your car anywhere in the country to a service station near you. You will receive an email with a link where you can book a return appointment near you.
Leasing for 1-4 months:
If you have a short-term lease (1-4 months agreement), you must return the car to the same place where you picked it up. You do not need to book a time for the return, but please inform in advance.
Do you need a new leased car? Write or call us at or 89889902 and we will help you with a new agreement :-)
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