Leasing used cars

We offer leasing of used cars, also known as releasing. The cars are cosmetically and technically prepared and may appear with minor damage due to normal use of the car, as the cars have been leased out before.
When you lease a used car, you get the same benefits as if you were leasing a new car: prices mostly include 25,000 km of annual driving, insurance and service. As a special feature, our used cars typically have a lower down payment than our new cars. Another advantage is that the cars have been used by GoMore members and are now ready for another run as a leased car. By leasing a used car, you are helping to save CO2 from the production of a new car and you are helping to recycle the cars that already exist.

Most car brands only provide a free breakdown assistance/mobility guarantee for the first 12-24 months of the car's life. You can opt for roadside assistance when you order. The car's factory warranty is valid for the full lease period. For questions contact us at leasing@gomore.dk and 89889902. 

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