Deposit on rental cars

When you rent a car on GoMore, GoMore may choose to charge a deposit to ensure payment of any additional costs, such as fines or fees, incurred in connection with the rental. If a deposit is required, the amount of the deposit will be displayed when you book the car. The deposit will be charged at the same time as the booking, when the booking is accepted.

The deposit, minus any extra charges from the rental, is automatically refunded to the renter's payment card 4 days after the rental is completed. Please note that your bank may have additional processing time before they show the released deposit on your account. If the extra costs exceed the deposit, we will keep the deposit and charge the extra payment from the renter's payment card. In case the rental is cancelled, the deposit will be released immediately. You can find the date of release of your deposit in your rental overview in the app or on our website. 

The amount of the deposit may vary depending on the type of car, the length of the booking, the renter's age, and the details of your booking. You will always be able to see the deposit clearly when you book.

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