Rental car pricing

Daily price
As an owner, you choose the daily rate for your car and decide when it can be rented out on the platform. The daily price you set is used to calculate the renter's price and your revenue. The final price and revenue of a rental will also depend on dynamic pricing, period discounts, and GoMore fees.
GoMore will make a price suggestion for your daily rate. Our proposal is based on a combination of your specific car model, current market prices, and demand.
The price the renter pays depends on the rental period and whether the renter's car has dynamic pricing, where the car's price changes in line with market demand, enabled. Renters can always see the final price before booking.  
We have no setup fee or ongoing subscription for either renters or owners. As a special feature, owners can choose to have GoMore Keyless technology installed in the car for a monthly subscription. As a renter, you only pay when you rent a car and as a owner, you only pay a fee when you rent out your car. 
Dynamic pricing
GoMore automatically adjusts the owner's daily price depending on demand, so you as an owner gets more bookings and higher earnings.
Based on the daily rental price, we automatically adjust the price of your car depending on demand. 
Dynamic pricing is based on weekdays, weekends, and holidays and takes into account periods that we define as high and low season. High and low season is dynamic and therefore the periods are continuously adjusted to ensure you get as many bookings as possible depending on demand. 
We recommend that you follow GoMore's dynamic pricing. You can read more about dynamic pricing on your GoMore profile under "your cars" > "manage car" > "price".

Example of dynamic pricing:

Periodic discount

Renters automatically receive a discount for longer rentals. Discounts vary depending on the time of year and demand, ensuring your price is competitive with regular car rentals. A competitive price means more people will rent your car. GoMore applies different discounts depending on the length of the rental and market demand. Below are examples of the discounts applied.
Service fees

GoMore automatically takes a service fee from bookings. The fees pay for insurance, the app and website, and our friendly customer service team. You can read more about our fees here.
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