If your leasing car is in need of roadside assistance

Road assistance in Denmark:

If you need roadside assistance during your lease, check whether you have purchased roadside assistance in your lease. This will be shown on your insurance certificate or policy, which you will have received at the start of your lease. If you have purchased roadside assistance, the contact details will be shown on your insurance certificate or policy. 

ALD: Road assistance can be contacted on tel. 80240000 or 80244000.

Enterprise: road assistance can be contacted on tel. 70701210. 

First Lease: Road assistance (Falck assistance) can be contacted on tel. 70102030 - quote customer number 27777777.

LeasePlan: Tryg Road Assistance can be contacted on tel. 70112000 and Codan Road Assistance on 36738484. It is important to check whether the car is covered by Codan's or Tryg's insurance. There are two ways in which you can check which insurance your leased car has. The insurance papers you received with your lease contract will show this. In addition, you have the possibility to check it using the Motor Register by entering your car's number plate. When you then search for the car, press "4. Insurance" at the top, where Tryg or Codan will appear under "company".

NB: If your car has GoMore Keyless technology installed, remember to unlock the car in the app to disable the immobiliser before calling for roadside assistance.

If you lease a new car, the vast majority of makes and models have a free assistance, also called "mobility guarantee", attached to the first 12-24 months of the car's life. The mobility guarantee is a service provided by the car brand, so coverage varies from brand to brand. You can find out more about your car's mobility guarantee, if any, by googling the make of car and "Assistance" and checking if you can get help from them. Read more here.

Roadside assistance abroad:

When you lease through GoMore, you always have comprehensive insurance included in your deal. When you have comprehensive insurance on your car, you are also guaranteed road assistance abroad.

SOS will help you abroad if you fall ill, have problems with your leased car or have a road accident.  SOS: +45 70 10 50 52.

We recommend that you download the SOS app for your smartphone. The app includes a GPS function that allows SOS to find your geographical location in case you have a car breakdown abroad.

If you are leasing a car through Enterprise, it is a requirement that you purchase roadside assistance if you are driving abroad. 
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